1. Blog: How does it feel, physically, to become awakened?

    What does it feel like now? Like being human. Only more so. And when the sun’s just right, I catch a glimmer of what’s underneath.

  2. Blog: How do I keep from absorbing other people’s negative energy?

    The problem you are experiencing is not that you are absorbing other people’s energy. It’s that you’re holding onto it as it passes through, concentrating it into your energy, and solidifying it with your own reactions.

  3. Blog: a long love letter to the night and those who live there

    I’m in a chilly, sparse room in the middle of San Diego. Aside from the sounds of the city, it’s quiet, and there’s an offramp just outside my window. I’m on Facebook, casually scrolling down through the feed, and I think things like ‘she has lovely eyes’ as I pass this picture or that. No dreams of epic love stories or explosive romances full of sturm und drang (though those, really, are my forté).

  4. Blog: Are there ways to banish suffering from this world?

    According to Buddhism, at the very least, yes, suffering can be banished. But pain – pain can’t.

  5. Poem: eternal return : Her eyes watching where the leaves go / And she says "wait and see.”

  6. Poem: soledad del que no sabe nada : I like that you are far away / And that the rumors of my thoughts travel like light / From star to star on their way

  7. Poem: spooky action (at a distance) : if I wore a different pair of socks / on that random Tuesday

  8. Poem: so let me in : so let me in /and give me the furthest seat / from the stage

Mila (Jacob Stetser)

Mila is a writer, photographer, poet & technologist.

He shares here his thoughts on Buddhism, living compassionately, social media, building community,
& anything else that interests him.

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