1. Blog: difficulty

    am I about to do the right thing?

  2. Blog: Gratitude

    Cultivate gratitude for your very existence…

  3. Flickr:
    Stanley Pond

  4. Blog: The Passion

    I believe compassion encourages compassion

  5. Blog: The Gift of Receiving

    When a person receives what we give them, whether they asked for it or not, they give us several gifts.

  6. Blog: This-Life Karma

    Even in this lifetime alone, happiness and peace can only be achieved through positive action.

  7. Blog: Self & Emptiness

    As a Buddhist born and living in the West, I find releasing the concept of a self difficult.

  8. Blog: Controlling Lust

    The Buddha told us that if there were two such powers in the world as strong as sexual desire, we would have no chance for enlightenment.

Mila (Jacob Stetser)

Mila is a writer, photographer, poet & technologist.

He shares here his thoughts on Buddhism, living compassionately, social media, building community,
& anything else that interests him.

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