1. Blog: the sad and undeserving apology of a liberal

    Let us not apply our diseased and unfortunate logic to their fallacies, their circular arguments and their ad hominem, because these are only airs, acts that are put on for the benefit and hope of our understanding.

  2. Blog: vignettia

    The fog moved down from the mountains and slipped around the car like a cat preparing for sleep, and she moved.

  3. Blog: excerpt from the middle of an untold tale

    Her eyes closed tightly, their corners crinkled up like a chocolate candy wrapper twisted round its treasure.

  4. Blog: trial by fire

    β€œIt is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” – Joseph Campbell

  5. Blog: bottle cap

    They never did. I was their intoxicant.

  6. Blog: April Fools!

    Did I fool ya?

  7. Blog: we didn’t start the fire

    Nothing — nothing — will ever get done while we stand around pointing fingers at each other.

  8. Blog: the rake

    learning the art of seduction in a feminist age

Mila (Jacob Stetser)

Mila is a writer, photographer, poet & technologist.

He shares here his thoughts on Buddhism, living compassionately, social media, building community,
& anything else that interests him.

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